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To improve the livelihoods of the ST communities through Science and Technology Interventions based on the identification of gaps and requirements in the predominant livelihoods leading to sustainable livelihoods.

The project interventions will include a school-based ambassador program to raise awareness among peers about substance abuse as well as Digital Literacy training.

Creation of Social Enterprises & strengthening market linkages & supply chains.

This project has the objective of establishing social enterprises while also enhancing market linkages and supply chains. Additionally, it seeks to empower and train young people in the field of science and technology entrepreneurship by deploying ICT interventions for startups in processing.

The project aims to incorporate value-added Ayurveda-inspired and nutritional health products that utilise local resources.

Harness, document, research, validate, and conserve the Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) skills and practices of different ST communities through inputs of Science and Technology.

The STI hubs are expected to directly benefit nearly 4500 individuals, and indirectly benefit around 40% of the ST/SC population in the selected districts through Self Help Groups and Knowledge Dissemination.

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A Convergence Model establishing forward and backward linkages

Convergence with Young Mizo Association, MHIP, MoTA, Mizoram State rural livelihood mission for-

  • Disseminating knowledge and awareness on healthy lifestyle 
  • Documentation of IKS and practices.  
  • Developing nutri- and Ayurveda-inspired value-added products.
  • Skills and capacity building
  • TRIFED for marketing linkages through e-portal

* Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP), Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA)

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Expected benefits to the target groups/population

  • Enhanced livelihood opportunities, which in turn will increase the socio-economic status of the population by building on traditional practices
  • Improved overall health status of the population
  • Enhanced livelihood options, which in turn will increase the socio-economic status of the population
  • Better Awareness on health and nutritional imbalances, substance abuse addressing the prevailing health problems in the community
  • The mobile/web-based platform will support better delivery of intervention, along with data analytics that can help in further recommendations for improvements in health and livelihood.
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