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Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Provable Security and Formal Methods

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance in Cyber Physical Systems given that the physical systems are increasingly being deployed in hostile locations coupled with a sensitive amount of data transferred. It is necessary that a multi-pronged approach to security that considers the needs of applications be developed for Cyber Physical Systems. While preventive approaches such as firewall, cryptographic mechanisms etc. can be developed to secure data, they become vulnerable to numerous emerging threats launched through insider access to the systems. Thus there exists a need for developing novel Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems for Cyber Physical Systems. Finally, effectiveness of the security solutions need to be proved through the use of formal methods.

Wireless Infrastructure and Testbeds Formal Methods

Several  rural communities lack access to connectivity, which act as a barrier for community empowerment. Also prevalence of natural hazards and it’s increased frequency of occurrence at remote communities has been contributing to large numbers of loss of life and infrastructure. For enhancing the research in real time connectivity and service delivery in extreme environments, the key research areas of  interest are:

Building Simulation-based Frameworks:-

AI, Vision and Adversarial Learning

Visual data is one of the most important sources of information for a person, in which we can gain a better understanding of the world. Thus, computer vision is one of the most important areas of research in Artificial intelligence, which aims to empower the intelligent system to understand and analyze visual information like human beings.

Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructures

Sustainable materials are materials prepared using local and renewable energy sources without disrupting the steady-state equilibrium of the environment and hence have low embodied energy content. Apart from this, these materials contribute fewer amounts of GHG emissions to the atmosphere. Concrete is recognised as one of the major construction material used all over the world and is not an environmentally friendly material, either to make, or to use, or even to dispose of. The materials required for the preparation of concrete requires more energy and water, and quarrying for sand and other aggregates causes environmental destruction and pollution.

The proposal focuses on the usage of eco-friendly locally available waste materials in construction and hence to reduce the consumption of cement/aggregates.  Presently research focuses on materials like Fly ash, GGBS, silica fume , recycled aggregate and natural/artificial fibers as admixtures in construction.

The research areas are divided into two major application areas .

Water Resource Management

Water infrastructure including catchment level hydro-meteorological monitoring, large dams, urban/rural water supply, water and wastewater treatment plants, and monitoring sewage systems all will benefit from developments in data science, IoT and AI for efficient operation. Water sector provides numerous opportunities for IoT and AI applications. However, all the above critical water system operators/facilities have very limited infrastructure/knowledge in IoT, AI and cyber security. The collaborative joint center can focus on:

  1. Resilient urban water and wastewater treatment system
  2. Urban water supply system


Automation in agriculture is an emerging subject and it enables AI-powered solutions to farmers to improve quality and ensure faster go-to-market for crops. Advances in computer vision, mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are enabling the development and deployment of remote sensing technologies to identify and manage plants, weeds, pests, and diseases. Cognitive computing has become the most disruptive technology in agricultural services as it can learn, understand, and interact with different environments to maximize productivity. The collaboration activity is towards building an ecosystem  that helps the farmers in crop management practices under different tillage and crop rotation systems from multispectral images and other modalities.


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