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Dear Readers,

We are overwhelmed by the great interest, encouragement and very good reception of the e-magazine by all of you. You made us believe that all our efforts (editorial board, authors and web-team) in bringing up such a magazine were really worth, we greatly appreciate your support. This warm welcome our magazine has received will make us to continue our efforts to bring you the articles of high standards in multidisciplinary chemistry for the future issues.

Here is the second issue of Rasatantra, this issue contains articles from eminent phytochemist Prof. Asoke Banerji and Prof. Mangalam Ramanathan. You will also find an article from a student-author Mr. Krishnan Unni (S6-Int.MSc.Chemistry).

We want you to encourage us with your continued support— Please read, comment, share and contribute.



Fountain Pen : Science and History

Author: Krishnan Unni

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