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Career Competency Development

  • Courses having focus on Employability / Entrepreneurship / Skill Development offered by the institution
  • Career Counselling and guidance for Competitive Examinations offered by the institution
  • Capacity Development and Skills Enhancement Activities are organised for improving students capabilities
  • Faculty Development Programmes (FDP), Professional Development Programmes, Orientation / Induction Programmes, Refresher Course and Short Term Course
  • Industry involvement in the design and execution of courses.
Career Counselling

The usual process of career counselling involves facilitating greater self-awareness, linking individuals to resources containing job market information, increasing awareness of options available, assisting with the decision making process and teaching job search strategies.



In CIR the students are provided one on one counselling to identify their aspirations, interests, core values and special skills in order to enhance their selfawareness, which will facilitate their informed career decisions. Apart from this, students are also given training to enhance their verbal and aptitude skill proficiency.


Job Market Information

CIR provides the students with career information through mail communication, seminars, webinars, invited lectures from industry experts, job fairs etc.


Decision-Making /
Setting Goals

CIR also provides the students with a career workbook which helps the students to systematically plan and execute their short-term and long term goals, starting with personal aspirations and culminating with goal setting and job acquisition.


Job Search

Students get training and assistance from CIR in all these areas through its Career Competency Development unit. The students are given guidance as to where to look for jobs that are advertised as well as those jobs that are not advertised. Campus recruitment facility is provided by the Placement unit of CIR.

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Higher Learning Initiatives

CIR facilitates higher learning initiatives of students, who plan to pursue MBA, M.Tech. or MS programs with in the country or abroad. This primarily requires a good score (percentile) in the qualification examinations like CAT, GMAT, GATE, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc. CIR identifies the external institutes which conduct training programs to prepare students for such competitive examinations and selects the best among them through a process of evaluation, discussions and negotiations. For the benefit of students who plan to join Indian Public Sector undertakings or plan to go for engineering post graduate studies within India, CIR brings in the best external agency and trainers for preparing the students.

The selected external agency conduct the training classes in CIR during the evening hours after the regular classes. These training classes are monitored for the quality of faculty, number of training hours and timing of the classes.

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Corporate Training

During the different stages of the life cycle of an organisation, it will have different priorities and challenges. Many a time, the organisational elements that are effective and appropriate at one stage may not be suitable for success in another stage. This is especially true when there are rapid changes in the market, economy, technology, and in the nature of human resources. In order to survive and grow, organisations have to align their human resources and technology to their goals and need to be abreast with customer demand and stiff competition. Every organisation today has to continuously bring in new knowledge and skills and transform and evolve itself to meet the long-term and short-term goals and challenges. Organisations will benefit more from consulting inputs provided by outside experts rather than solely depending on the knowledge and resources within the organisation. Most of the organisations today engage external consultants for different sorts of technical, organisational and human resource development

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Corporate Training is an important unit of CIR, which attempts to meet the growing demands from the corporate world for upgrading the skills of employees, especially at the managerial level. This unit has evolved specific corporate training programs covering areas like leadership development, organizational development, change management, stress management, emotional intelligence etc. Organizations have come forward to avail these services from the experts in CIR.

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