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  1. Inaugurated on 27th June 2011 by the inspiring Dr. L.S. Ganesh, Professor, IIT – Madras
  2. Started off with the first Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)
  3. Separate library, lab and workshop facilities for prototyping were set up
  4. Poster campaign & ID cards for members
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About ACE and Its Activities
  • Provides opportunities and exposure for budding CEOs
  • Has 1335 members: Students, Alumni, and EDP-participants
  • Conducts DST-funded programmes (EDII / DST / SERB)
  • Arranges interactive sessions with founders of startups
  • Facilitates projects, programmes, industry visits & internship
  • Provides mentoring for pitching, innovation contests, DPRs
  • Works with Institution Innovation Council, CISCO thingQbator
  • Leverages institutional membership with TiE and CODISSIA
  • Recognised as Host Institute for Business Incubation by MSME
  • Offers co-worker space at ACE Innovation & Incubation Centre
The Roadmap

Sensitise & Promote Entrepreneurship

Awareness campaigns using posters, Membership drive, ID cards, Bank A/c.

Seminars, workshops & interactive sessions

Idea generation & business plan competitions

Create & Foster Entrepreneurship

Hands-on work on innovative project ideas

Mentoring through ACE, alumni, CODISSIA, TiE and other entrepreneurs

Organise Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, FDPs and EDPs through DSTNIMAT-EDII support


Guiding students for Pitchfests, Hackathons, etc.

Product Design competitions, Innovative Project competitions

Help in the establishment of start-ups

Recognise & Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Reward entrepreneurs (alumni award)

Establish Institution Innovation Council (IIC) to promote entrepreneurship

Institutionalise the Movement

Introduce courses on Entrepreneurship and Publish case studies

Set up Business Incubator with co-worker space and Provide funding support

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