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“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.”-Roger Bacon

The English department works to improve the language and gives students who come here for the course access to in-depth aesthetic knowledge and an enthusiasm to embrace the language in its authenticity. By helping students gain a deeper grasp of language and communication, the importance of efficient reading and writing, and the diversity of literature from the past and the present; the English Department enhances students’ liberal education.

By providing the greatest standard of instruction, scholarship, and service, the English Department of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham-Kochi aspires to advance the university’s objective to support open inquiry, the search for the truth, and concern for others. The Department of English strives to give students the best education possible in the English language, English-language literature, and critical and analytical writing by skillfully balancing scope with complexity, tradition with innovation. The school encourages learners throughout their programmes to help them advance quickly toward their degrees and to profit the most from their experience. It aims to draw the top students from a variety of geographic, professional, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

The department works to attract, retain, and support the best faculty while fostering academic freedom in teaching and research in ways that support the university’s mission of producing knowledge in the service of humanity in order to achieve these goals at the highest levels of professional and intellectual accomplishment. The Department of English also seeks to participate in and make a contribution to the larger community of scholarship, research, and pedagogical theory and practice in the fields of literary and critical studies, creative and critical writing, comparative literature, gender, ethnic, and cultural studies, teacher preparation, and linguistics through the work of its faculty.

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