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About the Department

The English language unlocks the doors to a world of opportunities in Literature and Communication. The Department of English and Languages is started with the objective of enhancing the communication skills and regenerating the lost literary values.

The department offers Ph.D., M. Phil., 2 years M.A. in English Language and Literature and a five year Integrated B.A. – M.A. degree programme in English Language and Literature. A student can also exit with B.A. after successfully completing three years of the Integrated Programme. The programme is framed on the basis of equal priorities given to language and literature. The highlight of the programme includes specializations in contemporary areas like Cultural Studies, Applied Linguistics, English Language Teaching, Black Literature, Translation Studies and Post Colonial Literature. Although the specializations offered in the curriculum may differ in scope and emphasis, the focus of core courses is aimed at the development and enhancement of linguistic skills, research and critical abilities, required by the changing global employment scenario.

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The department envisages new approaches and methodologies in the process of teaching, training and guiding research. The department will constantly endeavour to introduce need-based and student-centered learning activities using the latest trends and techniques. The department functions with highly qualified, competent and well- trained faculty members who have expertise in their respective domains. We use modern pedagogical techniques to promote the students’ skills. The department also has a well equipped library with books, journals and interactive e-learning content. The main aim of the department is to equip its aspirants to attain their higher education without compromising quality and professionalism.

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Placement Details

All the students across the programmes will be introduced to placements in a variety of sectors, including educational institutions, media organisations, IT businesses, and other comparable organisations, after satisfactorily finishing the course. They have excellent prospects in both teaching and content creation/management. Graduates have been hired by companies like Cognizant, FIITJEE, Indian Public School, Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd, BYJU’s, etc.

Career Prospects

The curriculum strives to shape the students into competent English Language and Literature researchers and educators. The curriculum and syllabus were created so that students would have a direction when taking competitive exams and aspiring to higher education. There is provided specialised training for the UGC NET/JRF qualifying exam. Additionally, the student will have the chance to work in a variety of sectors, including technical communication, content writing, translation, editing, copywriting, and creative writing.

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  • In order to instill and improve enhanced skills, the department offers a variety of additional skill development activities and courses that are added to the programmes.
  • Students take part in the program’s advanced instruction in verbal, aptitude, and soft skills, which equips them with the skills necessary to handle the difficulties of the corporate world and get them ready for numerous competitive exams.
  • Sanako study (1200 Tutor Ver 7.00 7.0.030522.01) is an excellent piece of software that the department uses to set up a suitable eLearning environment. Thus the process of learning a language is enhanced by cutting-edge multimedia technologies.
  • In order to qualify for higher education and assistant professorships, students must pass the NET/JRF exams. UGC Net training sessions are a component of the literature programme.
  • The English Department’s literary club at ‘Amrita- Srishti’, organizes a range of literary activities with the main goal of inspiring students to read and developing their artistic, aesthetic, and oratory abilities.
  • To assist students in becoming responsible Citizens, the Department sponsors and coordinates social outreach initiatives.
  • The Department organizes a number of national and international conferences in a range of subject areas to improve students’ and researchers’ research prowess. To stay current with new developments in language and literature, the Department organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, and invited lectures on a national and worldwide scale.
  • The department’s research forum is called ‘Anweshan’. The forum frequently hosts workshops and seminars on various aspects of research. Both doctoral and postgraduate students organize different activities.
  • The department has created a special programme called the Vidayamritam Extra Mural Lecture Series. The presentations are given by experts from many fields. Students gain a more comprehensive understanding of current developments in literature and related fields.
  • The faculty has an alliance where students can showcase their abilities in both the literary and fine arts. To inspire the students, events like theatre workshops, JAM sessions, public speaking classes, etc. are planned.
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