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Eight-day Workshop on Navya-Nyāya Language

Eight-day Workshop on Navya-Nyāya Language
2019-12-23 @ 9:00 AM – 2019-12-31 @ 5:00 PM

Amrita Darshanam, International Centre for Spiritual Studies will organize an eight-day workshop on Navya-Nyāya Language from 23 to 31 December, 2019.

Indian intellectual tradition is a stock of debates and arguments, and all classical Indian texts contain within their pages elaborate expositions and discussions among the different schools of thought. Logic (Nyāya), in the Indian context, evolved to “meet one another, discuss and understand your minds” (Rg Veda X.191.2). In approximately 10th century C.E, Navya-Nyāya, fully exploiting the extraordinary power of abstraction of the Sanskrit language, created a technical language free from the ambiguities of ordinary language. In the centuries that followed, this technical language was employed in various disciplines. Knowledge of the logical terminology and familiarity with the techniques of logical analysis became indispensable for anybody writing on matters philosophical, grammatical, ritual and scientific in general. Unfortunately, the technical language developed by Navya-Nyāya is not currently taught in the curriculums. The 8-day workshop aims to offer an introduction to the Navya-Nyāya language, and will prove indispensable for students who wish to study classical Indian treatises.

Resource Person

Prof V. N. Jha is the former Director of Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, Pune University. He is the former founder Chairperson, Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, JNU. He has authored and edited over 50 books and published over 150 research articles in Indian and international journals. He has been a visiting professor in Humboldt University, Germany, Nagoya University, Japan, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and MG Institute, Mauritius.

VenueAmrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore Campus

For more details, contact:

Manjushree Hegde
Assistant Professor,
Amrita Darshanam (ICSS), Coimbatore
(+91) 8277744095

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