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Amrita Center For
International Programs

Amrita Chancellor’s Scholarships

Amrita scholarships are offered to students according to their marks and admission interview performance. Criterion for Amrita scholarships are as follows:

Amrita Chancellor scholarship
100% tuition waiver
80% and above
Amrita Meritorious scholarship
50% tuition waiver
  • The above scholarships are applicable for UG, PG , PhD programs.
  • The above scholarships are not applicable for programs in the field of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Clauses To Maintain
The Amrita Scholarship

The following clauses are communicated to the student as an addendum to the scholarship admission.

  • Amrita scholarships have been awarded on a one-time renewable basis, for any single program in an academic year. The scholarship is valid for one year and is renewable every year based on the student’s academic performance and conduct
  • Scholarships are tuition fee waivers only, and the amount of this waiver is based on the type of scholarship awarded. This is strictly non-negotiable and cannot be extended to any other fee categories or substituted in cash
  • No student can hold more than one scholarship at a time, irrespective of the type and amount of scholarship and / or study support donations
  • The Scholarship Committee shall set the evaluation criterion for renewal or cessation of scholarship with applicable renewal conditions. The validity of the scholarship duration is based on satisfactory academic performance in each semester / trimester, regular class attendance as well as good standards of behavior throughout the program
    • The student is to maintain a CGPA of not less than 7.0 every semester to retain the scholarship, Failing which, the tuition fee payable for the remainder of the program shall become due
    • The student must have a minimum class attendance of 75% and / or as per the specific program requirement in any given semester / trimester to be able to attend the exams; Failing which, the scholarship will be withdrawn on grounds of academic negligence. Absence due to emergency situations and / or circumstances must be intimated in advance and approved by the respective department Chairperson, for it to be considered
    • The student has to maintain discipline and acceptable behavior during the entire scholarship period, as per the moral code of conduct set by the University. A scholarship student who comes under any disciplinary action and/or pending disciplinary action shall lose the scholarship with immediate effect d. Exceptions to any of the above clauses will be at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and the decision of such a committee will be deemed final
  • The scholarship is awarded with the support of the academic transcripts that have been submitted by the student to as part of the eligibility fulfilment. Discrepancy in any of the supporting documents will result in immediate withdrawal of scholarship and / or admission
  • The student must submit the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) equivalence certificate for the last foreign academic qualification and / or academic transcripts to complete the eligibility criterion. Non-compliance in submission of AIU certificate can lead to withdrawal of the scholarship
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