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A Proud Moment for Amrita

February 10, 2011 - 2:32

February 9, 2011
School of Medicine, Kochi

Basketball TournamentStudents from the Amrita School of Medicine recently participated in the All-Kerala Medicos Mens Basketball Tournament and lifted the overall championship.

It was a competition where basketball teams from the finest medical colleges were pitted against each other. Organized at the Amala Medical College, Thrissur, during February 3-5, the tournament saw the Amrita students emerge as proud winners.

“Our hard work paid off. We still cannot believe we have won the game,” exclaimed the talented young players.

For these players including Harikrishnan C. P. (2006 batch), Rahul Valsaraj (2006 batch), Krishnanunni Nair (2006 batch), Edisal Raphel (2006 batch), Arjun Chandra (2007 batch), Arjun R. (2008 batch), Aditya Vishnu (2008 batch), Arjun Mohankumar (2010 batch), Melvin V. Joy (2010 batch), Shankar (2005 batch) and Sunil Patel (2004 batch), this was the first time that they won a major championship trophy.

“We contributed our very best performance during the matches,” they shared.

Arjun RArjun R. was honoured as the best player of the tournament.

“Participating in the game was a great experience,” he said. “I never thought of winning this honor.”

The students expressed their gratitude for the excellent training they received.

“We thank our instructor, Mr. Sunil Dath, for providing us great training. We also thank the management for their support and for providing us with superb training opportunities.”

“With the help our coach, we did our best and won.”

Mr. Sunil Dath is the Senior Physical Instructor at the Health Sciences Campus. His department provides students with fitness training as well as training in speed, endurance and strength.

Basketball Tournament“At Amrita, we try to provide motivation and inspiration for students to hone their talents,” he shared.

“Our students also recently performed very well at the inter-campus tournaments conducted at our Coimbatore campus.”

“We are proud of them for winning the championship trophy in the All Kerala Medicos Mens Basketball Tournament.”

We are too! These students of the Amrita School of Medicine have made their alma mater proud. Congratulations to the winners !!!!

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