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Amrita and ISRO launch Joint Venture to Explore Meteorological Parameters

December 3, 2013 - 10:48
Amrita and ISRO launch Joint Venture to Explore Meteorological Parameters

For further meteorological studies a balloon borne field experiment explored parameters such as gradient of temperature, pressure, humidity and wind flow profiles in the complete troposphere, in its entire 30 kilometers height from the sea level.

The study is a joint venture between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Space Physics Laboratory of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Apart from Amrita, the experiment was synchronized in other three geographical stations, viz., ISRO’s campus in Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin University of Science and Technology and National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa.

During the complete time of flight the hydrogen filled balloon, carrying sensors to measure the parameters, sent data from every 6 meters to the ground stations through a GPRS transmitter.

The four stations were specifically selected so that their latitudinal locations line up in a triangular pattern. While the other three stations are situated along the coastal region, Ettimadai campus reveals the meteorological variation in the Coimbatore region, strongly influenced by the Western Ghats.

To collect experimental data, the procedure was iterated in its entire 30 kilometers height from the sea level, at 11.30, 17.30 and 23.30, IST during August 26-28 and at 5.30 IST on August 29 at all four stations.

The experiment was seconded by Department of Aerospace at Coimbatore Campus, headed by Dr. J. Chandrasekharan, who inspired the team with his suggestions.

Dr. Murugadass K. of Department of Sciences, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore Campus, coordinated the entire program.

“All the launches were successful, with proper legal clearance. Statistical data will soon be available after proper scrutiny from the ISRO sources,” shared the ISRO contact person, Dr. V. M. Nandakumaran, Chairman, Department of Physics, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Amritapuri Campus.

ISRO’s Balloon-borne Experiment at Amrita

December 3, 2013
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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