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Amrita Center for Cyber Security Designs Bsafe App to Protect Women

October 8, 2017 - 11:26
Amrita Center for Cyber Security Designs Bsafe App to Protect Women

Amrita Center for Cyber Security System and Networks, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, designed a new Android App, Bsafe, that can be used to monitor the safety of women and is useful for everyone. It is an innovative safety and location tool that keeps track of one’s location, and also saves and receives live locations based on GPS. 

The Bsafe App also helps keep track of a person based on creating a dynamic Geo Fence. For defining a Geo Fence, one needs to click on two boundary points within which a person will be around for the day. More fences can be added, if needed. One can add the mobile numbers of the desired parties so as to share the location info with them. The moment the geofence is left, the app alerts the pre authorised parties. At any point of time, the authorized parties can find the full track of where a person has been since creating the fence. If at any point of time one wants to switch off tracking or disable the fences, then they can login using their credentials and disable the service.

Silent Tracking is another feature available. If one wants privacy and decides not to share their location info, it is still possible to record their traces. This traces can be used later. Another feature, Buddy Tracking, helps one keep track of another group members on outings like a family trip, outings with friends or even a trekking trip. With this provision, called “Track my Buddies”, group members can track the rest of the group members dynamically and locate them by tracking their live, up to date locations. This can be very useful if going into a crowded area for an outing with the family or out in the bush on a group trek.

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