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Amrita College of Nursing Conducts Alumni Reunion 2019

December 23, 2019 - 11:03
Amrita College of Nursing Conducts Alumni Reunion 2019

Amrita College of Nursing conducted its Alumni reunion on December 19, 2019. The program started at 11 am with lighting the lamp by Prof. K. T. Moly, Principal, Amrita College of Nursing. Ms. Nila K. M. (3rd Batch MSc Nursing Alumna) welcomed the gathering.  The function was presided by Prof. K. T. Moly, the Patron of the Alumni Association. While addressing the gathering she stressed the importance of Alumni Associations and the need for periodical meetings of the members. She pointed out that during the course of time there will certainly be some changes in the structure and functions of the parent institution and only when one visits the institution and keep in touch, one will be updated. She shared the information that INC has already decided to change the present system of annual examinations and is switching over to the semester system which is the practice among many professional courses. Eighteen alumni from various batches attended the meeting. The event was compered by Ms. Rafia Islam, 8th Batch MSc Nursing.

The agenda for the meeting were:

  1. Selection of new office bearers
    As many of the office bearers are not in a position to continue in their respective positions due to various reasons, it was mandatory to select new office bearers to replace them. Prof. (Dr) Sunil M, Staff Advisor – Alumni Association addressed the gathering and led the selection process. The new office bearers were nominated by the group and were selected unanimously
    Patron: Prof. K. T. Moly, Principal, Amrita College of Nursing
    Staff Advisor: Prof. (Dr). Sunil M, Amrita College of Nursing
    President: Vaishak G, Clinical Nurse Specialist, AIMS. Kochi
    Vice President: Gokul T G, RN, Nursing Quality Division, AIMS, Kochi
    Secretary: Bency Bhasy, Lecturer, Amrita College of Nursing, Kochi
    Joint Secretary: Soumya M N, Clinical Nurse Specialist, AIMS, Kochi
    Treasurer: Neenu Merin, Clinical Nurse Specialist, AIMS. Kochi
    Editor: Akshara Vipin ,Clinical Nurse Specialist, AIMS, KochiBatch Representatives-B Sc Nursing:
    1st batch B Sc Nursing   – Ms.Sini Krishna, 2nd   batch B Sc Nursing – Mr. Deepu Prasad, 3rd  batch B Sc Nursing  – Ms. Divya I, 4th  batch B Sc Nursing  – Ms. Dhanya R Dharan, 5th  batch BSc Nursing  –  Ms. Chinchu, 6th  batch BSc Nursing  – Ms.Radhika,7th  batch BSc Nursing  –   Mr. Roshith, 8th  batch BSc Nursing  –  Ms. Deepa Manoharan, 9th  batch BSc Nursing  – Mr. Jibin John, 10th batch BScNursing  – Mr. Arjun, 11th  batch BSc Nursing  – Mr. Amal V Saju, 12th  batch BSc Nursing  – Ms. Sruthy R Nair, 13th batch BSc Nursing  – Ms. Ms.Neenu T S, 14 th  batch BSc Nursing  – Ms. Sreevidhya Ramesh.Batch Representatives – Post Basic B.Sc Nursing:
    1st batch PBBSc Nursing- Ms.Aswathy Menon,2nd batch PBBSc Nursing-Ms.Udaya, 3rd batch PBBSc Nursing-Ms. Joby B, 4th batch PBBSc Nursing-Mr. Akhil C S, 5th batch PBBSc Nursing-Ms. Heydey Green M J.Batch Representatives-MSc Nursing:
    1st batch M Sc Nursing – Mr.Krishna Raj, 2nd batch M Sc Nursing – Ms. Kanu V Dev, 3rd batch M Sc Nursing – Ms. Nila K M, 4th batch M Sc Nursing – Ms. Sreelaksh L, 5th batch M Sc Nursing – Mr. Jithun P, 6th  batch BSc Nursing  – Ms. Elgi M C, 7th  batch BSc Nursing  –   Ms. Prini Varghese, 8th  batch BSc Nursing  –  Ms.Rafia Islam.
  2. Release of Alumni Book:
    An alumni book containing the detailed database and photo gallery and testimonials of the alumni  was  released by Prof. K. T. Moly, Patron,  Alumni Association by giving a copy to  Mr.Vaisakh G., the new  President.
  3. Achievements of Alumni in 2019
    Mr. Vaisakh has done a power point presentation of the major alumni achievements in 2019.
  4. Discussion on challenges and action plans for 2020Among the many challenges for the smooth functioning of the alumni association activities, lack of interest and poor attendance of the members was discussed as the important one. It may be due to the fact that many of them are working abroad and are not in a position join for these types of activities. Another reason may be the short notice given prior to the get together. On discussion with the alumnae, it was decided to formulate the following action plans.
    1. To conduct alumni meeting for the next year after intimating them well in advance
    2. To conduct batch get together of individual batches from the first batch onwards and to honour the alumni members.
    3. Since it is mandatory to furnish the details of alumni placements with evidences for the NAAC inspection, the members were requested to provide with the evidences like an appointment order/ offer letter or at least the photo of the ID tags.

Before winding up the meeting, an Alumni feedback form was distributed and collected. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Neenu Merin 8th batch MSc Nursing. The meeting adjourned at 01.30pm with the national anthem.

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