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Amrita Conducts Contest to Overcome Glossophobia and Aid Placements

April 27, 2015 - 8:46
Amrita Conducts Contest to Overcome Glossophobia and Aid Placements

In many parts of the world, the fear of public speaking, known as “glossophobia” is the number one fear in most people’s minds, ranking higher than even the fear of death. With the aim of helping students overcome this fear, the Centre for Corporate and Industry Relations (CIR), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore Campus, organizes a Public Speaking Contest for III year B. Tech. students every year.

The contest which is being conducted since the year 2008 is also aimed at helping the students prepare for the upcoming campus placements, wherein they will be called upon to impress prospective employers with their poise in speech and manner. This year, out of the 1000 students who participated in the contest, 19 finalists were shortlisted after going through three rounds of speaking, on topics of their choice.

The grand finale of the Amrita Annual Public Speaking Contest was held on 18th April 2015, at Amriteshwari Hall, Ettimadai Campus, Coimbatore, between 9 a.m. and 12 noon. The speakers chose an interesting range of topics: “Making a Difference”, “What the West Thinks of India”, “Social Media & Life”, “Net Neutrality”, “This Too Shall Pass”, “Little Things in Life”, “Life is All About Perspectives”, “Principles in Profession”, “Science is Not About Discrediting Magic- It is the Magic Itself”, “Children Affected by Violence and Terrorism”,” Child Abuse”, “What Lies Beyond, Lies Within”, “Self-Motivation for Achievement”, “The Power of One”, “Exam Fever – Special Effects”, “Theory of God”, “Overcoming Fear”, “Lighter Side of Life” and “100% Free”.

The first prize was won by R. Subhashree who will complete her B. Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering next year. The second prize was bagged by G. Aditya from the Department of Computer Science Engineering and the third prize went to J. Vignesh Sivaram, a student of Mechanical Engineering.

At the end of an excellent oratory treat for the audience, the participants received certificates from Prof. C. Parameswaran, Director, Corporate and Industry Relations. The Director also awarded gadgets, books and certificates to the winners. “Although not all can win the Public Speaking Contest, the students’ fear of public speaking is overcome to a large extent, thereby paving the way for stellar performances during the campus placement season”, he said.

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