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Amrita Researchers Receive US Patent – IoT Wearable Devices for Monitoring Patients’ Health

August 14, 2020 - 4:30
Amrita Researchers Receive US Patent – IoT Wearable Devices for Monitoring Patients’ Health


Amrita Center for Wireless Networks & Applications (AmritaWNA) received a US patent for its innovative IoT wearable devices for patient monitoring. The researchers at AmritaWNA in collaboration with the doctors at Amrita’s super-specialty AIMS hospital in Kochi developed these state-of-art devices and smart disease detection algorithms.

The researchers have developed a body wearable ECG monitoring device called Amrita Spandanam, which can continuously monitor a patient’s heart condition, even while enabling the patient to carry on with his/her daily activities. Using smart algorithms for noise cancellation and motion artifact removal, the researchers have also included automated disease detection software that can identify arrhythmias and ischemia in patients.

Amrita’s newly developed wearable finger-clip device that measures heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and ECG sends the data to the mobile and web apps.

The researchers have also developed another IoT enabled vitals monitoring device that can measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure, and respiratory rate using a single finger clip device. All these measurements can be done in real-time using a patient’s mobile phone, and can also be sent to doctors in far away hospitals. These IoT devices have been widely tested and validated in various settings to ensure seamless operation in all conditions.

The researchers have also integrated AI software that uses data from these IoT devices and predicts the patients’ health conditions. Currently, they have shown that using these devices and AI software, a fatal condition such as Acute Hypotensive Episodes could be predicted much ahead of time. Their research has also demonstrated that it is possible to diagnose sleep apnea even at home using a single finger clip IoT device.

A patient wearing Amrita Spandanam ECG monitoring device that measures the heart condition of a patient using mobile phones.

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