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Peer Mentoring Support Groups for Women Researchers

March 7, 2023 - 2:45
Peer Mentoring Support Groups for Women Researchers

Peer mentoring can be a powerful tool for promoting academic success, personal growth, and social connectedness among students. Through the mentorship of Dr. Martha Miller, the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences started a Peer Mentoring Support Group for PhD-candidate women researchers in 2022. The group provides a confidential, safe and supportive space for participants to discuss issues with those who may have similar challenges. “The goal of peer mentoring is to generate a “field of compassionate support for one another through attentive listening, present in mind and heart,” says Dr. Miller. “During peer mentoring meetings (whether virtual or face-to-face) each individual has the floor for a set time. The focal individual shares how they are feeling currently, challenges they are facing in their work or life, and particular problems they are trying to solve in their research trajectory. Group members offer attentive listening, support and, if possible, ideas for how the person might move forward.”

The group’s regular meetings and notable achievements have solidified its commitment to providing consistent and ongoing support to researchers.

Martha Miller, Ph.D is the Faculty Director at the UCLA Anderson Women’s Leadership Institute.

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