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Amrita Sanjeevani Observes Grandparent’s Day

September 9, 2012 - 3:16
Amrita Sanjeevani Observes Grandparent’s Day

Since its beginning, celebration has been the middle name of Amrita Sanjeevani, or so it seemed when they visited the Gandhi Bhavan Old age home at pathanapuram as a part of the grandparent’s day.

When we are growing up we want our parents to support us but when we are grown up and they want us support them the result is only rejection denial, irritation and finding addresses of old age homes. Seldom do we know that what they want is our love.

In the youth if such values of taking care of our parents are inculcated in us then what more is there to say about the effect of such individuals in the society? More or less it’s going to be a huge revolution. The age of negligence and denial will be replaced by the warmth of love towards the elderly.

This visit by the Sanjeevanites showed that they were ready to bring about this responsible change in the face of society. It is as it is that the inmates of the old age home responded with the same intensity.

Sanjeevani members, consisting of 80 students, interacted with the inmates and distributed clothes to them. Sweets and snacks were also distributed. The residents received us openheartedly like they would have done for their own grandchildren. It was a very emotional experience for the group.

This was another kind act of selflessness initiated and driven by the youth of the present age to bring about and inculcate the values to the present generation and to bring about a selfless transformation on the face of this country. It showed the truth of Amma’s words in action.

“Love is the greatest medicine that can bring about the positive change in the face of this world”

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