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October 26, 2010
Amritapuri Campus

Providing an opportunity for students and faculty to express their creative abilities while reporting the events of the academic year, Amritaakshari is published annually as the campus magazine at the Amritapuri campus.

AmritakshariWhen it was first published as the magazine of the Schools of Engineering and Arts and Sciences, a couple of years ago, a copy was presented to Chancellor Amma. Amma applauded the editorial team’s efforts but requested that the magazine be expanded in future years to include all schools and programs on campus – Arts and Sciences, Ayurveda, Biotechnology, Business, Social Work and Engineering.

Amritaakshari 2010, released during Campus Day celebrations, marked the third publication of a magazine dedicated to uniting campus, culture and now nature. “Chancellor Amma emphasizes the need for man to live in tune with nature; accordingly Amritaakshari ’10 included this theme,” shared Dr. Sujatha K. K., Chairperson of the Department of English and chief editor of the magazine.

Chancellor Amma often reminds us that man is not different from nature. He is part of nature. In truth, we are not the ones protecting nature, it is nature that is protecting us. Amritaakshari articles highlighted this inherent relationship between man and nature.

AmritakshariPromoting not only creative talent but also finding unity in diversity, Amritaakshari dedicated a language segment for each of the five language cultures found on campus.

“There was a spontaneous outpouring of literary, environmental and technical writings in five different languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit,” elaborated Dr. Sujatha.

Looking back at 2010, Amritaakshari highlighted the collective achievements of Amritapuri’s schools and programs in academic excellence, sports, cultural activities and artistic merit.

Spoken through various literary genres, such as stories, poems and memoirs, its pages were filled with the hearts and minds of student, faculty and featured guests, who shared their experiences of love, spirituality and social issues.

SujathaInterviews with figures of excellence outside the institution community were included. Featured this year were national award winning film director Adoor Gopalakrishnan, renowned writer and Malayalam film director, C. Radhakrishnan, poet Vairarseri K. M. Namboodri, playback singer, G. Venugopal and IAS officer, Shri. Hari Kishore.

Copies of magazines were sent to these featured guests. Upon receiving his copy, C. Radhakrishan commented, “It is precious content, well packed.”

“Communicating one’s thoughts through words is an art,” summed up Dr. Sujatha. “Working together cooperatively to create a comprehensive representation of school, culture and nature, Amritaakshari resulted from the efforts of many.”

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