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Amrita’s DAKSHINA 2020 in UNESCO’s World Youth Skill Day (WYSD)

July 16, 2020 - 10:00
Amrita’s DAKSHINA 2020 in UNESCO’s World Youth Skill Day (WYSD)

Creativity has not been “Locked down” for a group of Media students. The students of the Department of Visual Media and Communication of Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi, had a great chance to exhibit their projects in the UNESCO’s WORLD YOUTH SKILL DAY (WYSD), July 15, 2020.

Every year, the department has conducted a portfolio exhibition of their graduating batch, “Dakshina”, where students exhibited their projects and endeavors. However,  the Covid-19 pandemic created a huge obstacle this year for holding the exhibition. Taking up the challenge to continue the educational process, the campus opted for the online medium, and the students, guided by the faculty,  developed the valuable skill sets to exploit this educational, and ultimately, marketing possibility to the maximum.

The projects were exhibited and shot by the students themselves at their own homes and were compiled. This video is now being exhibited in the WYSD which is yet another advantage for the effort of building a better learning possibility through the online medium. They have also published the projects curated for Dakshina 2020 in an E-book format.

Students were passionate about their projects and created an indoor exhibition showcasing their them during their course term. They also created a brand of their own, using the industrial branding process and worked out their advertisements with these resources and ceaseless efforts.

In spite of the restrictions imposed by the situation, the students were trained and guided by the faculty in employing feasible strategies and outlets. The maximum utilization of these available alternative platforms for building the students’ profile was the priority. This surely spreads a positive attitude and encourages others to explore opportunities amidst the crisis.

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