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Annual Sports Meet at Amrita School of Biotechnology

March 6, 2017 - 2:19
Annual Sports Meet at Amrita School of Biotechnology

The Amrita School of Biotechnology (ASBT)‘s Annual Sports Meet was hosted on the 3rd and 4th of March, 2017. The faculty members and students of ASBT recognize the importance of a wholesome education in which physical education and fitness are of great significance. The first day started with the formal session and inauguration of the Sports Meet by the Dean, Dr. Bipin Nair. This was followed by the march past and the torch relay.

Eighteen events were conducted over the two days falling under the categories of track, jump and throw. This year Sports Meet saw the first ever girls’ basketball match. The highlight of course of every Sports Meet here at ASBT is the faculty vs. students events. Students won the cricket match, while in the football match, the faculty members’ excellent defense proved to be great a challenge for the students to overcome. Excellent saves by our Dean, a former national level football player, clinched the win for the faculty members. At the end of the Sports Meet, medals and certificates were distributed by the faculty members on the victory stand in an atmosphere of acknowledgment, appreciation and pride.

​The overall championship was claimed by 3rd year undergraduate students’ batch. The top female athlete was Aswathy P.V. of S6 B.Sc. Biotechnology and the top male athlete was Abishek Kumar of S6 B.Sc. Biotechnology. The mood was somber when the flag was lowered and handed over to Dr. Bipin Nair, marking the end of two days of activities. This feeling of unity was especially prevalent on the last day of the athletic meet, as all the students, tired and exhausted, yet still enthusiastic, stood together to conclude the event by singing the national anthem. As the event came to a close, students came away with a pride of achievement, satisfaction of leadership, thrill of camaraderie, essence of happiness, and solace of sincere efforts, reminding everyone one more time that we are all one under the aegis of sports.

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