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ASE Receives Edgecam Best New User Award

March 8, 2011 - 4:15

March 8, 2011
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

EdgecamProf. M. Elangovan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering received the Edgecam Best New User Award on behalf of the Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, for the year 2010.

The award was given to him in Bangalore by the Managing Director of Euskron, Spain at an industry event.

The company makes the Edgecam software for computer aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. Designed to cope with programming the simplest to the most complex manufacturing instructions, it provides support for CAD, machine tool and tooling technologies.

This award is given to select institutions that have implemented and started using the Edgecam software. In Amrita’s case, students learn Computer Aided Manufacturing using this software.

“The software is quite user-friendly, and helps students learn the concepts better,” said Prof. Elangovan.

EdgecamMeant primarily for the departments of mechanical and aerospace engineering, the software is used by both undergraduate and graduate students.

Saravananan, first-year student of M.Tech. underwent 40 hours of training on the software.

“The knowledge I obtained lends me confidence in my technical area,” he said. “I feel I have gained a broader insight into manufacturing techniques.”

“I feel I will be more technically competitive with this training.”

Instructional animations enabled Saravananan to better understand the software, and help him correct mistakes made while machining a product. The wide range of data provided helped him work better with various CAD files and drawings.

“I applaud the efforts of the faculty and staff who deployed this software in our campus. Special thanks to those who helped me in learning it.”

CampusB.Tech. students echoed Saravananan’s sentiments..

Naveen Vishnu S., second-year of B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) said, “Edgecam helped me to learn more about the manufacturing field. The training was very useful.”

Finally, Prof. Elangovan expressed gratitude for the award and to the Amrita team of educators who worked to familiarize students with the software.

“We feel very honored upon receiving such an award,” he stated. “We owe our thanks to faculty and staff associated with the implementation of the software and providing training to our students during the year 2010.”

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