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Brain Bites Quiz Competition at Mysore

December 2, 2010 - 3:32
Brain Bites Quiz Competition at Mysore

Do you know that the symbol used to refer to infinity is known as a lemniscate?

Which annual competition features a lemniscate intertwined with a circle as its logo?

If you answered the International Mathematics Olympiad, you were correct. Its logo carries the same five colors as those in the Olympic rings.

Brain Bites

Participants and the audience at the recent Brain Bites Quiz Competition in Mysore also had the opportunity to learn such interesting, if obscure facts. Hosted at Amrita’s campus that houses the Schools of Arts & Sciences and Education, the event attracted young students from all nearby PUC colleges.

Thirty-four teams of two members each competed. “It was an enthralling session for these youngsters,” enthusiastically remarked the Amrita student organizers.

The teams had the opportunity to test their knowledge about their neighbouring countries.

Brain Bites

“A trans-boundary river is one that crosses an international border,” they were told. “With at least 58, which country has the greatest number of such rivers?”

“Bangladesh,” one of the teams correctly answered.

Teams were tested on their knowledge of astronomy, as well.

“Which 5-letter word is usually part of the name of the brightest star in any constellation?”

“Alpha,” came the right answer.

Brain Bites

The winning team of Preetham Gowda R. and Abhiram K. S., students of Sadvidya PU College, won a cash award of Rs. 5000.

Venkatram Harish Belvadi and Roshan of Kautilya Vidyalaya Pre University College placed second; Abhishek Veeraraghavan and Pruthvi Bharadwaj of Sadvidya Composite PU College came in third.

Prof. G. N. Bhat, former Principal of the Amrita School of Arts & Sciences was back on campus for the occasion.

Speaking to the assembled students, he emphasized the importance of such programs in helping student talents blossom. These students will enrol for undergraduate programs next year and as such, he advised them to take the time to explore their interests.

“Don’t get carried away by branded career options,” he told them.

“We were glad to interact with the participants,” stated the student organizers. “The event gave us a chance to hone our organizing skills and promoted the team spirit.”

December 2, 2010
School of Arts & Sciences, Mysore

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