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CII Yi Net Honors for Amrita Faculty and Student

March 28, 2012 - 3:04
CII Yi Net Honors for Amrita Faculty and Student

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) bestowed two national awards to Amrita recently.

Dr. R. G. Priyadarshini, Associate Professor, Amrita School of Business, received the Best Yi Net Teacher Award.

Second-year MBA student Prasath Srinivasan was given the Best Yi Net Lead Award. He also won the first prize in the CII-Yi Net Coimbatore Chapter debate competition.

The winners were honored during the Young Indians (Yi) Annual Meet in New Delhi on March 10, 2012.

Yi of the CII provides a platform for young Indians to work for building the nation. With a tagline of We Can, We Will, its 10,000 members most of whom are top achievers, professionals and entrepreneurs, unite for a greater cause.

The Amrita Chapter of Yi Net at the School of Business in Coimbatore was especially busy during this past year.

In early September 2011, the Amrita campus hosted a regional-level CII Yi Net Meet that saw participation from colleges all across the region. An inter-college debate competition and a photography workshop proved interesting draws.

Social Networking – Is It A Boon or A Bane? Students put forth pros and cons of this modern phenomenon during the two-hour debate competition.

The photography workshop was accompanied by a photography contest.

In addition to organizing this major event, ASB Yi-Net student members organized several seminars on entrepreneurship.

They also came together to observe the campus-wide week of culture and heritage wherein they organized painting and quiz competitions that saw participation from school students, as well.

Finally, the Chapter was actively involved in the organization of the National Summit of CII Yi Net by providing assistance to the national team.

“It was the biggest national summit ever in CII’s history,” shared Prasath.

“My role as Net Lead was to direct all the activities of ASB Yi Net during the past year. Along with the student members, it was also the enthusiasm, effort, 24*7 support and guidance of our faculty coordinator, Mrs. Priyadarshini, that played a major role in the success of all our activities,” he added.

“If the yardstick of measuring success is the number of people impacted in every activity we conducted, then I must say that our year was pretty successful,” he underlined.

Indeed. The national coordinators of CII Yi must surely agree for having chosen both the Amrita faculty member and the Amrita student for their top awards.

We congratulate them for the honors received.

March 28, 2012
School of Business, Coimbatore

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