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CodeTeasers to Educate, Inform

June 2, 2011 - 5:09

June 2, 2011
School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi

How often is it that undergraduate students are motivated to share their learning with the rest of the world?

Not so often perhaps. However, for several final-year Amrita students of Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) at Kochi, this was a cherished desire, a worthwhile project.

Amrita students

These students of the School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS) conceived of, then designed and developed and finally uploaded a website to help other students learn the fundamentals of programming.

“CodeTeasers will help you learn how to write, compile and run Java applications,” their website proudly declared. “The screenshots and samples in these tutorials should get you up to speed in no time!”

A simple but powerful object-oriented programming language, Java is used to develop small-scale as well enterprise-level applications. Once the fundamentals are mastered, writing large programs to perform complicated tasks is not a daunting task.

Amrita students

“Our site presents information in a lucid manner,” shared the students. “More tutorials on other programming languages will also be added shortly. We wanted to show that learning how to program is not that difficult.”

Added Shilpa Suresh Babu, a student member of CodeTeasers team, “Learning how to host a website was a great experience for all of us. Although our vacation had begun, we stayed back on campus to complete the work.”

Salini U., Neeraja C.S., Shibila M., Remya Ravi, Sangeetha Nair, Sruthi K.N., Nanditha Janardanan, Kiran Nair, Archana Vijay, Sandhya Damodharan, Neeraja T.P., Priyanka P., and Shilpa Jose, in addition to Shilpa, formed the 14-member student team that built the website.

“Our teachers guided us a lot,” stated Remya Ravi. “Especially Sanal Sir who was the motivation behind our work.”

Amrita students

The students’ Sanal Sir is a junior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and I.T. at ASAS, Kochi. He endeavored that students gain hands-on experience similar to what they would get while working in a professional organization.

The students’ achievement was celebrated with a small ceremony at the MCA Lab on campus on May 29, 2011.

Dr. U. Krishnakumar, Director, lit the lamp. “CodeTeasers is an earnest attempt by our students to explain intricate conceptual ideas of programming tools and environments, so that other young minds might easily grasp the same,” he said.

“May this learning process create a fervor among students for reaching higher domains of knowledge. Let this knowledge be shared by all. Let me seek the blessings of our beloved Amma for our students’ efforts.”

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