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Colloquium on Digital Marketing and its Future

December 8, 2018 - 10:42
Colloquium on Digital Marketing and its Future

A colloquium on the topic ‘Digital Marketing and Its Future’ was held at Sri Krishna Hall of Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, on December 8, 2018. The session was handled by Mr. Udayan Bose who founded NetElixir with a vision to provide online marketers worldwide with a paid search campaign optimization solution capable of delivering magical performance.

Mr. Bose recognized the potential of paid search as an essential advertising channel in 2002. Having experienced first hand the complexity involved in running a profitable paid search campaign, he was driven to develop a system that delivers predictable and efficient campaign performance, allowing marketers to fully leverage the power of paid search as a high value sales generator.

At the session, Mr. Udayan Bose spoke about his journey with NetElixir which started 15 years ago. He spoke about how it all had started as a dream and how those aspirations became the foundation stone for the successful organization, Net Elixir. He said that he had set a rule to respect each and every customer’s priority in his line of business and never compromised on that. He spoke about that time in 2005 when he was left with 5 dollars in hand and how he bounced back to grab all those which he lost. He asked the entrepreneurs to never give up on their dreams to make it big and strive to their maximum to achieve the best results and renown. The talk was concluded with wishing the entrepreneurship cell to fulfill its mission and vision.

Mr. Bose is a regular speaker at leading industry conferences like Internet Retailer Conference (US), Internet Retailing Conference (UK), eTail and Search Engine Strategies Conferences (US and Germany).

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