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Cybersecurity Launches Amrita Internet of Things and Amrita Big Data Framework – An End to End Solution for Internet of Things

January 2, 2015 - 4:02
Cybersecurity Launches Amrita Internet of Things and Amrita Big Data Framework – An End to End Solution for Internet of Things

Two new applications, AIoTm and ABDF, were launched by the Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks on the occasion of Amritavarsham61, Chancellor Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s 61st birthday celebrations, held on the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s Amritapuri campus on the 27th of September, 2014.  K.C Venugopal, Member of Lok Sabha, Alappuzha, launched the devices by opening them on a tablet computer.

The first application, Amrita Internet of Things Middleware (AIoTm), provides a scalable inter operable platform for devices to connect and communicate amongst themselves without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.  The benefits of this application are that it is secure and scalable; with the help of AGway, an indigenous Amrita Gateway, one can assured of secure communication between AIoTm and the connected devices. AGway acts as the hub to support heterogeneous protocols to communicate among themselves. It encapsulates the underlying communication complexities from application developers. (

Other than the innumerable perks it possesses, AIoTm boasts of an easy-to-use QUI (Query User Interface) to acquire real time status of one’s device anytime/anywhere. Users are benefitted as data would be pushed into their own native data formats with no change to the existing device firmware or translators of any kind. They also have an added advantage of a dynamic dashboard (AD2 – Amrita Dynamic Dashboard –, which can also be custom built using REST based secure APIs, to define data and monitor devices, so no programming skills are required to use this application. The device registration process is simple and easy-to-use.

The second application built, Amrita Big Data Framework (ABDF) is an all-integrated framework for effortless Big Data Analytics that helps one analyze large sets of data and seek intelligence for improved decision-making, allowing optimization and enhanced efficiency. This acts as a one-stop shop for all analytical needs. The objective behind this application was to make data mining more accessible to users outside the range of data scientists. Built-in algorithms templates ease the flow process of data mining. These templates can be reshaped to fine tune the results which, with the help of a well-integrated visualization engine, will enable users to find it a lot easier to visualize result sets. Users can even switch ABDF on to auto pilot mode or choose the best among the different processing modes to analyze data streams, thus making them the sole decision makers. It supports processing platforms like Linear execution mode, Hadoop and Spark. It provides full OLTP to OLAP data transformation in all the three processing modes which makes it unique from other similar solutions.

Both AIoTm and ABDF have built applications for various fields ranging from medicine and engineering to social media and many more, making it an extremely powerful tool in the domain of Data Analytics and Transformation. 

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