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Dental Scholars Win Laurels

May 26, 2013 - 1:38
Dental Scholars Win Laurels

Postgraduate and undergraduate scholars at the Amrita School of Dentistry won several best paper awards at a state-level Talent Hunt recently conducted at the Royal Dental College, Trichur.

The Talent Hunt was conducted by the college’s Forum for Advanced Studies and Continuing Education Program.

Drs. Hridya Jayaprakash, Manisha Sunil, Swathi Shankar, Drisya Soman, Devika Krishnan (all currently interning at the Amrita School of Dentistry) and Ms. Parvathi Vijay (final-year BDS student) all won best paper awards in the undergraduate category.

The significant role of age estimation in forensic dentistry was discussed in Dr. Hridya’s paper titled Teeth Never Lie About their Age. The paper highlighted various methods of age estimation using teeth in prenatal period, the first decade of life and after the first two decades.

The diagnostic role of exfoliative cytology (a simple, inexpensive screening procedure used for diagnostic purposes) in oral cancer was discussed in Dr. Manisha Sunil’s paper titled Exfoliating Cells – The Cancer Detectors – A Personal Experience.

A rare case of dentigerous cyst (jaw cysts commonly manifesting in the second and third decades of life) in a one-year-old boy was presented by Dr. Swathi Shankar in her paper titled A Rare Case of Dentigerous Cyst in a One-Year-Old.

Dr. Drisya Soman’s paper titled A Single Cell to be an Emerging Hope reviewed the knowledge relating to stem cells with emphasis on the isolation of the dental pulp stem cells and their uses.

Ms. Parvathy Vijay’s paper titled Neonatal Lines as a Linear Evidence in Infanticide shed light on the fact that by demonstrating the presence of neonatal lines (growth lines in tooth enamel), one can distinguish whether a child died before or after birth and approximately how long the child lived after birth.

Dr. Devika’s paper was titled State-of-the-Art Mandibular Reconstruction.

In the postgraduate category, the best paper awards were bagged by Drs. Deepa S., Thara Aravind, Neethu Suresh, Keerthy S. Menon, Remya K. S., Navanith Renahan and Tessa Paul.

In her paper titled Museum Specimens: Quest for an Odourless Preservation, Dr. Deepa wrote about plastination, an alternative efficient modality for preserving specimens. “Such specimens can be touched, do not smell or decay and even retain most properties of the original sample for many years.”

Dr. Thara’s paper titled Magic of Colors: Diagnostic Conclusion through Optical Illusion discussed the vital role of colors in the field of diagnostic pathology.

The role of green tea in boosting periodontal health was discussed in Dr. Neethu Suresh’s paper titled Green Tea and the Periodontium. Use of green tea inhibits the growth of periodontal micro-organisms, reduces bad breath and gingival inflammation and inhibits bone resorbtion.

Dr. Keerthy Menon’s paper was titled Build the Trust over Iontophoresis in the Management of Tooth Sensitivity – A Clinical Study and Dr. Remya’s paper was titled Plantibodies : An Adjunct to Periodontal Therapy.

Dr. Navanith Renahan’s paper explored the infinite potential of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in dentistry and its application while Dr. Tessa’s paper presented a case report of a patient who lost his sight in an industrial chemical accident and regained his vision with the help of modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis.

The winners acknowledged the support and guidance received from their Professors at the School of Dentistry viz., Drs. Balagopal Varma, P. Jayachandran, Rakesh S., Mahija Janardhanan, Vindhya Savitri, Angel Jacob, Ravi V., and Ushas P.

May 26, 2013
School of Dentistry, Kochi

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