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Department of Management Bengaluru Hosted a Big Data Analytics Colloquium

January 25, 2016 - 5:00
Department of Management Bengaluru Hosted a Big Data Analytics Colloquium

Dr. Seema Chopra, Advanced Technologist: Data Analytics at Boeing Research and Technology, interacted with students of Department of Management, Bengaluru and discussed the growing importance of Big Data Analytics on January 25, 2016.

The colloquium kicked off with a profile of the Guest speaker delivered by Ms. Ayushi Dhawan, 1st Year MBA-MS student. The guest of the day, Dr. Seema Chopra, then began her talk which focused on her area of expertise– Big Data Analytics. She made the talk lively by engaging with the enthusiastic students and gave examples from products used in daily life to educate about Big Data Analytics and the process involved in analytics. Also discussed were the dangers of Analytics, such as how it could invade our privacy and the danger of decisions taken on the basis of incomplete data.

Dr. Seema then discussed her role at Boeing in which she explained how Analytics plays a key role in the maintenance of parts of an aircraft, which otherwise will cause a huge headache for the company. By predicting which part is bound to fail, based on data from thousands of sensors in the aircraft, maintenance activities are scheduled to enable the aircraft to always run in perfect condition.

The floor was opened for discussion, following which Mr. Madan Gowri proposed a vote of thanks. The program concluded by presenting a memento to the guest of honor by Mr. Vignesh, 2nd Year MBA-MS student.

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