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Department of Management Bengaluru Students Visit SJS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

August 8, 2016 - 10:49
Department of Management Bengaluru Students Visit SJS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

On July 16, 2016, the MBA students of Department of Management, Bengaluru from the classes of 2015-17 visited SJS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. as a part of the curriculum of the Manufacturing, Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management course. Considering the course objectives, faculty memberProf. Ramasubbu T. K. chose SJS industries for the visit because the link between academic education and practices of a world-class organization could be amply explained.

“Having the first year of MBA behind us meant that we all have chosen our own paths and are working towards our specialisations. Having taken Operations, it was imperative that we learn to relate everything to the actual industry world, and it becomes essential for every Operations student to visit industry at regular intervals during the course period in order to sync the knowledge with the practicality of the industry. We started off with the Course: Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management in order to get an overview of the manufacturing process in any industry and to enable us to appreciate and understand the operations realm to the best,” shared an MBA student, Arun.

Prof. Ramasubbu T. K. said, “Regardless of what industry or business you work in, understanding all the various systems involved in manufacturing, planning and control is ideal if you’re looking to advance your career and increase your organization’s bottom line.”

He further explained, “Within the constraints imposed by its design, an operation has to be run on an ongoing basis. ‘Planning and control’ is concerned with managing the ongoing activities of the operation so as to satisfy customer demand. All operations require plans and require controlling, although the degree of formality and detail may vary. To get the most value out of our resources we must design production processes that make products most efficiently. Managing the operation means planning for and controlling the resources used in the process. Manufacturing Planning and Control, MPC, is responsible for the planning and control of the flow of materials through the manufacturing process.”

SJS is a world class manufacturer of Automotive Dials (automotive dashboard interior), Climate Control Overlays, Exterior Decals (two and four wheelers), Overlays, Badges and Logos for the automotive, electronics and appliance industries. With 25 years of printing expertise and a track record of innovation, SJS is, today, considered a benchmark in this industry. Spearheading cutting edge technology and keeping abreast of international market industry trends, SJS stands for quality and innovation, providing its customers with optimal solutions for all its’ needs. The first company in the Indian printing industry to be certified TS 16949 and moving towards implementing TPM and Lean practices, SJS demonstrates an unflinching attitude to process discipline, product quality and on–time delivery.

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