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Dhwani 2017 Arts Fest at Amrita School of Pharmacy

November 24, 2017 - 11:11
Dhwani 2017 Arts Fest at Amrita School of Pharmacy

In the month of October “Dhwani” (Pharma Arts Fest) was officially inaugurated. The unimaginable grace from Lord Almighty as well as Amma and the magnificent support from the Principal of Amrita School of Pharmacy, Dr. Sabitha M., paved way for Dhwani 2017 to become a great success. Weeks of effort were put in by the arts committee teachers and the conducting batch B. Pharm 2015 batch (Agneya). Prithvi, Samudra, Rudra and Anthareeksha, were the teams involved in Dhwani 2017.

Dhwani’17 was officially inaugurated on 19th of October 2017 by the Principal, with which the offstage events started. The dhwani art fest concluded on 30th of October 2017. The artists, the speakers, the writers and much more talent were showcased in every event. A total of 13 offstage events were conducted over a period from October 19- 24. 

The Amrita Kalotsav’17, Combined Arts Fest 2017 of Amrita Health Sciences campus, was inaugurated on 25th October by actress Ms. Shamna Kasim. Every college had its representatives who introduced their big event followed by the video presentation. The much awaited event of all, the girls fusion dance, saw the Amrita School of Pharmacy students of four batches competing with all their efforts, the end fruit of which was the overall 3rd prize being won by the Agneya. The following day on October 26, the combined arts fest individual events for classical dances and folk dance were conducted, bringing home 3 first prizes by Arathy Venugopal of Rudra . The Amrita Kalotsav was indeed a platform where the School of Pharmacy stood out in all its glory. On October 27- 28 the onstage events took its start in the college, followed by the final day being conducted in the Annex B-block auditorium on October 30, 2017. On October 28 the rising singer Haritha Balakrishnan graced the panel of judges and entertained us with her amazing performances. 

On October 30 two special performances were done by the outgoing batches of Pharm D., B. Pharm. and M. Pharm. A total of 18 onstage events, presenting the dancers, musicians and actors of the college, were conducted with each event leaving the audience and the panel of judges filled with awe of the amazing talents in each student. 

After all the hard work, sweat shed, success, failures and the roars of cheering that filled the auditorium, came the climax. Prizes for all the events of Dhwani ’17 were awarded to the winners. The Kalaprathibha and Kalathilakam titles were won by Nidhin Sam of Prithvi with 25 points and Arathy Venugopal of Rudra with 60 points. The much coveted ever rolling trophy of Dhwani’17 was lifted by Agneya, with a total points of 469; followed by Rudra (308), Anthareeksha (230), Samudra (190) and Prithvi (129). The day came to an end, each winner triumphing in glory and others with much more determination awaiting for DHWANI’18, but with each heart filled with memories to be cherished for all days to come.

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