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Entering the Workforce

August 9, 2011 - 2:23

August 9, 2011
School of Arts and Science, Mysore

India is on the fast track to having the third largest GDP in the world.

It is being viewed as one of the most attractive destinations for FDI.

100% placementSuch accelerated growth has profound implications for newly graduated college students entering today’s workforce.

In the coming decade they will play a major role as India continues to rise on the world stage.

As graduates make the transition from student life to working life, they need to be equipped to make the right decisions that can truly help India flourish.

Students get that preparation at Amrita and MCA graduates at Mysore campus are the proof.

All students from this batch were placed in reputable companies such as Cognizant, Infosys and Wipro.

The 100% placement rate reflected Amrita’s investment in the future of its students.

100% placementPitching in to help prepare the students, Amrita alumni travelled to Mysore to offer guidance and technical sessions. Their support helped students confidently approach the placement process with a positive attitude.

One such alumnus, Sreeja Pillai, who now works for Infosys said, “It was a mutually beneficial session. We got the opportunity to share our experiences with students to help them prepare and get ready for their jobs.”

She didn’t mind going the extra mile to give back something to her alma mater.

“Training sessions, mock interviews, practice written tests all helped us in boldly facing the placement process,” said Jayakrishnan R., who was placed in MindTree.

100% placementMeanwhile, other Mysore Amrita students also took advantage of placement training opportunities.

BBM students attended a career orientation program on NGO management organized by Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Both BBM and BCA students attended lectures conducted by Amritians from Infosys. Students were informed about general campus recruitment guidelines and industry expectations.

Amrita graduates are part of the new generation of talented young professionals entering India’s dynamic marketplace today.

Rooted in value based education they are equipped to make a difference as India strives to adjust to rapid development through sustainable growth.

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