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Exploring Nutrition and Healthcare: An Insightful Visit to Marayoor

January 7, 2024 - 3:15
Exploring Nutrition and Healthcare: An Insightful Visit to Marayoor

Students from the Department of Clinical Nutrition at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi embarked on a journey to Marayoor, driven by a shared goal of understanding the nutritional landscape of the tribal population. The insightful four-day expedition unfolded a plethora of experiences and learnings.

Upon arrival, the students engaged with local farmers at the vibrant Chilla market. Initiated by the Kerala Forest Department in 2014, this market ensures fair pricing for organically grown produce from 40 tribal colonies.  The team witnessed the auction process, an integral part of this market, ensuring transparency and fair practices.

Dividing into groups, the students, guided by Panchayath members, delved into understanding the dietary patterns, sleep duration, access to food, physical activity practices, and health issues of the tribal population. These interactions unveiled unique cultural practices and challenges, such as the strict dietary laws, menstrual isolation, and limited healthcare and education infrastructure.

They also visited the historical Muniyara, showcasing remnants of Dolmenoid cists from the Megalithic age. These burial chambers left the students in awe, offering a glimpse into ancient cultural practices.

Students also got an opportunity to actively participate in a free medical camp offered by Amrita Hospital, Kochi at Marayoor. They accompanied the expert doctors from general medicine, cardiology, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and general surgery services. Free medicines were dispensed, and those requiring additional medical attention were directed to the Amrita Telemedicine van, equipped with advanced facilities.

The educational journey extended to the Marayoor Sandal Depot, where the students gained insights into sandalwood classification and processing methods.

The experience promises to be a cornerstone in shaping the students’ future careers as dietitians, reinforcing Amrita’s commitment to experiential learning and community engagement.

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