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Children, youth is the bindu – the center point of life, a time when we are neither child nor adult. It is an ideal stage for training the mind. The younger generation possesses tremendous energy. If that energy is properly channeled, today’s youth can perform wonders. If youth change, the world will change.


Real change happens only when knowledge and discrimination go hand in hand. This results in an increase in one’s awareness level. Awareness means wakefulness. You will always remain internally awake and alert in all circumstances of life, which will automatically put you on the path to success. So, rather than focusing on success, you should focus on channeling your energies in the right manner. Unfortunately today’s society gives more importance to gathering information than to developing awareness. Hence, we have knowledge, but lack awareness. It is like becoming aware of our head only when we have a headache.


The definition of a soldier is not only one who attacks enemies with swords and cannons. Anyone who strives to reach the goal of life is, in a way, a soldier. A kshatriya is one who fights battles of life. In every field of life we need the courage and vigour of action to focus all our attention on the goal of life and move ahead. To prevent selfishness, we need the light of goodness in our heart. We also need the ability to express this goodness. The goal of all our actions should be the complete growth of society and the welfare of humanity. Growth of humanity includes our own growth as well. This is true growth. For this understanding to become firmly rooted in our mind, we need discrimination.

The main indicator that true knowledge is growing is the blossoming of discriminative thinking – the ability to differentiate that which uplifts us from that which pulls us down. Devoid of discriminative thinking, knowledge is incomplete, like a flower without fragrance, like a word without meaning, like a flame without light. Today when people say that knowledge is growing, it is like saying “The sun has risen, but it’s still dark.” Imagine a beautiful garden with countless flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes. If such a garden is pervaded by a foul smell, then obviously something has gone wrong.

Samved Audience

As the future leaders and pillars of our society, it is important that you develop a deep connection with your culture and country. At the same time, you need an independent intellect and an open mind. You should find the courage to accept goodness wherever you see it, rejecting evil. Thus when you blend knowledge and discrimination in a balanced manner, your inner energies will attain a greater dimension, which will help you lead a life of love, peace, happiness and success.

This message to the youth was published in Amrita Sanjeevani’s newsletter Samved, released during Amma’s 58th birthday celebrations.


September 27, 2011
Amritapuri Campus

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