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It’s My Amrita

August 5, 2013 - 5:35
It’s My Amrita

Third-year students of BTech (Computer Science and Engineering), Santhosh Reddy and Dhanush recently made a unique contribution to their college.

The duo, with the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Santhanalakshmi, developed an Android app titled Its My Amrita. The app is now available in the Google Play store.

Its My Amrita was launched on Institution Day during the cultural fest Amritotsava on April 4, 2013.

Intended to be a one-stop provider of all information pertaining to the School of Engineering at Bangalore, the app runs on all devices enabled by Android 2.2 version or better.

“Our website and intranet provides all the information, say a student might need. But we felt the need to make it available on our devices also, so that it could be accessed more easily; hence we developed this app,” shared the two students.

Not only does the app provide general information about the School of Engineering on their campus, but a user can also easily know about the programs offered, courses available and extracurricular activities.

There are also directions to help one coming to the campus for the first time; users can also provide feedback online.

Some features such as Route Map and Online Info require continual internet access.

The app also provides an interface to the AUMS portal to enable students to check their marks and attendance online.

“We are actually proud of this feature. The parent portal provided by AUMS is very popular; parents regularly login to check their wards’ details. With our app, now parents can check from their phones also,” the duo exclaimed.

So what motivated them to build such an app?

“I remember being clueless, when I first joined Amrita. I had heard that the School was excellent, faculty members were very committed and that Amrita was known for value-based education and discipline. But I didn’t have much factual information. I had to search online. This was what provided me the inspiration to develop this app,” shared Santhosh Reddy.

“Today, those who have installed this app on their phones, don’t have to go anywhere to find out about courses in the upcoming semester, electives, course codes, etc. It is all available at the touch of the finger on a mobile phone,” added Dhanush, who provided a lot of help.

There is more. The app can help final-year students choose a guide for their projects by providing information about areas of interest and active research work of the faculty members in each department.

During placement season, information about companies coming to recruit on campus is also provided.

“After spending days and nights to get the application working, we have the exhilaration to know that our purpose was served. The app is very popular on campus,” the duo happily remarked.

August 5, 2013
School of Engineering, Bangalore

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