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Kalakshetra Students Carve for Chancellor Amma

October 21, 2010 - 9:52

October 21, 2010
Amritapuri Campus

ChairThe students and teachers of Amrita Shilpa Kalakshetra, Thiruvananthapuram, presented a carved artistic table and chair made out of rosewood to Chancellor Amma on the occasion of her 57th birthday.

They also sculpted mementoes that were presented to invited guests at the celebrations.

Started in January 2010, the Institute has already trained several batches of students.   Read News »

“We are dedicated to renovating and renewing the traditional arts and crafts of India, which are now declining,” stated Br. Amarnath, who oversees the Institute.

“The Institute provides free skill up-gradation training to poor artisans by incorporating modern technology to support the traditional craft.”

The birthday celebrations were also an opportunity to showcase the products made at the Kalakshetra. An exhibition stall displayed the beautiful crafts.

“We are planning to make sculptures of bronze, terracotta, stone and even cement,” he added.

E-Learning-ISROThe Kalakshetra is a unique undertaking that offers quality education in the field of arts and crafts. Students are provided the opportunity to learn 2-D engraving and software-based product development.

Yoga and meditation is also taught. “A great deal of concentration is needed to do well in this field,” opined Br. Amarnath. “Hence the decision to include yoga and meditation in the students’ daily routine.”

Lectures from leading experts in the field including master craftsmen and design artists are regularly organized. Students take advantage of the Amrita Village Resource Center, that provides e-learning facilities in collaboration with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), to access experts from all over India.

The first two batches of students are set to graduate this year. “I am happy to say that our Kalakshetra has made a strong beginning towards realizing Chancellor Amma’s vision in this field.”

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