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MDP at Amrita School of Business

January 28, 2009 - 8:25
MDP at Amrita School of Business

The Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) of India is a statutory corporation that provides social security coverage to over one crore industrial workers and family members. It operates over a hundred hospitals and nearly one thousand dispensaries in different parts of the country. Senior medical as well as non-medical officers of ESIC were at our Coimbatore Campus this past week to participate in a 4-day Management Development Program organized by the Amrita School of Business.
Yoga and meditation sessions at ASB MDP“As a whole, the program was an event to remember and needs repetition,” said a participant, Mr. Y. S. Rathee, ESIC Joint Director based in Delhi. “What impressed me most about the program were the sessions on yoga, meditation and self actualization. Transaction analysis and marketing by Prof. Kulkarni was also very useful and path-breaking,” he added. Dr. S. R. Chauhan from Kollam stated, “For me, the highlights were the unique ambience and completely changed lifestyle from morning till night.”
This was the third Management Development Program Amrita had conducted for senior executives of ESIC. Participants had traveled from places such as Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Jaipur, Pondicherry, Salem, Uttarakhand and West Bengal to attend. As in the previous programs, every day began at 6:30 am with an hour of yoga and meditation. These sessions were led by Prof Udaya Kumar who has taught the mandatory classes of Self Awareness and Personal Growth to MBA students at Amrita for nearly a decade.
In-depth sessions at ASB MDPIn-depth sessions on organizational behavior, managing customer relationship, customer service satisfaction, corporate communication, B 2 B marketing and visionary leadership were also conducted. (see MDP timetable) The sessions were led by the faculty of the Business School, many of them doctorates from leading universities in India and abroad. “Delivery of lectures was unique, impressive and engrossing,” wrote Dr. Madhurika Aggarwal, Chief Medical Officer from Delhi in her feedback survey.
Time was also set aside daily for nature walks in the picturesque campus as well as for swimming in the Olympic size swimming pool.

February 6, 2009
School of Business, Coimbatore

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