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The months following the first-ever global Amritian Reunion Meet in Bangalore in February have seen Amritian chapters being launched in several cities all over the world. Amritians are now working or studying in several countries in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. Amritian chapters are active in the US, UAE and Singapore, besides several of the Indian cities. These local chapters provide a platform for the Amritians staying near each other to come together, have fun times and collaborate on activities of relevance to their alma mater, regardless of which campus or school they may have studied in.
Kochi Chapter Inauguration For instance, the Kochi chapter that was inaugurated during Chancellor Amma’s Brahmasthanam program in that city on April 28, hosted its first meet on May 24. Alumni with family members gathered at the Amrita Hospital in Edapally and were joined by senior faculty from the health campus campus. On July 1, in order to commemorate Doctors’ Day, the chapter brought out the inaugural issue of a healthcare newsletter, featuring an eclectic selection of articles written by Amritians and Amrita students and faculty.
Amritian chapters in Trivandrum and Amritapuri are slated to be launched shortly. Pre-launch meetings have already begun. On June 13, alumni in Trivandrum met to plan for a gala pre-launch event in August. A veritable reunion of long-parted alumni from different Amrita programs, the meet was hosted at the Amrita TV facility in Vazhuthacaud; most local Amritians were in attendance. A special treat for the participants included a tour of the modern Amrita TV facility, including the impressive News Room and Broadcast Center.
Amritians Spring GetawayEarlier this year, nearly a dozen Amritians studying or working in the United States, had come together at the first-ever Annual Alumni Spring Getaway organized near the Silicon Valley. “We are encouraged by these local initiatives,” stated Prof. Jay Misra, Director of Alumni Relations, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. “The local chapters are the first step towards our longer-term goal of having Amritians come together to collaborate on meaningful activities of relevance to society, industry and academia. We invite Amritians wanting to begin chapters in their cities to write to us at chapters(at)”

July 5, 2009
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

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