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New Cyber Security Book Published

March 15, 2011 - 11:37
New Cyber Security Book Published

A new book, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics: Applications and Perspectives intended to serve as a textbook and comprehensive reference guide was recently published.

Various chapters of the book derive from research and position papers that were presented at the Indo-US conference and workshop on cyber-security, cyber-crime and cyber-forensics that was organized at Amrita’s Kochi campus in August 2009.

This event showcased more than 100 papers on various topics associated with the aforementioned cyber issues. All papers underwent peer reviews at the convention. A selection of authors was asked to extend their papers for publication in the book.


“Overall, the selection of chapters demonstrates the kind of multi-disciplinary research effort needed to address the wide range of challenges facing us today in the Information Age,” state the authors in the book’s preface.

“This edited volume strives to address a wide range of perspectives in cyber security, cyber crime and cyber forensics,” they add.

“We have assembled insights from a representative sample of academicians and practitioners and addressed this topic from a variety of perspectives ranging from technologies, economics and social studies, organizational and group behavior and policy-making.”

The book’s three sections Cyber Crime: Policies and Implications, Cyber Security: Technology Review, and Cyber Security: Methods and Algorithms, each deal with various issues of cyber safety.

The book is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate level students in information sciences, information systems, computer science, systems engineering, social studies and public policy.

Targeted also are research scholars who study cyber security from perspectives like informatics, decision sciences, organizational behavior, social studies and public administration.

Topics covered in the book include biometrics, data security, digital watermarking, e-discovery, cyber forensics, fraud detection, intellectual property and piracy, intrusion detection and prevention, social and behavioral aspects of cyber security, threat modeling and wireless security.

Raghu Santanam from Arizona State University, USA and Mohit Virendra from Brocade Communications Systems, USA worked with Amrita’s Dr. M. Sethumadhavan to complete the book.

Dr. M. Sethumadhavan, Head of the Centre for Cyber Security at Coimbatore received his PhD in Number Theory from Calicut Regional Engineering College, presently known as the National Institute of Technology Calicut. He is a professor of mathematics and computer science at Amrita, and his area of interest is cryptography.

March 15, 2011
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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