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February 18, 2011
Coimbatore Campus

Shri. Omkar Singh shot to fame last year when he emerged as triple gold medallist in shooting at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

Shri. Singh was at the Amrita campus in Coimbatore recently to inaugurate the new gym, Arogya Sadanam.


Addressing the students, Shri. Singh said, “You should be really thankful that you have such a well-equipped gym here on campus. In my college days, we never had these facilities.”

Speaking about the importance of discipline in life, he advised students to respect their parents and teachers. “They will always direct you to the best things that can happen in your lives,” he said.

Giving examples from his personal life, he shared the problems he faced when preparing for the games. “100% effort and dedication to the goal is needed to achieve anything,” he highlighted. “One has to sacrifice a lot to attain any goal.”


Expressing his appreciation for the gurukula system of teaching at Amrita, he also noted the serene campus atmosphere.

Shri. O. J. Kumaresan, Physical Education Director, thanked Shri. Singh for taking the time to come to Amrita to inaugurate the new gym.

Students, who were thrilled to meet a famous sports personality, were also equally enthusiastic about the new facilities that they will soon begin to avail.

The current gyms, although very popular, were becoming too small for the burgeoning student population.

Gym3Covering an area of 2500 square feet (excluding rooms), the new gym features the latest equipment in fitness training. Motorized treadmills and upride bikes will facilitate cardio vascular training. For weight training, bench presses, barbells and dumbbells are provided. As are newer machines viz. Cable Cross Over Machine, Hack Squat Machine, Calf Raise Machine, etc.

“We are thrilled to now have access to the latest training equipment here,” shared the excited students.

Earlier, Shri. Omkar Singh told them to make it a point to spend at least an hour in the gym every day. We can be sure that many of them will only be too happy to do this.

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