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No Food Waste Co – Founder Talks with Students of Amrita School Business, Coimbatore

February 11, 2018 - 8:36
No Food Waste Co – Founder Talks with Students of Amrita School Business, Coimbatore

Mr. Haari Prakash, Co – Founder and Brand Marketing Manager of No Food Waste and Edudharma interacted with the students of Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore on February 10, 2018 as a part of the Alumni Reunion.

Mr. Haari Prakash is a young social entrepreneur who has established his NGO. He started his speech by playing a video which demonstrated their real work and hardship behind it. He encourages the people to ‘feed people and not landfills’. Their primary motive is to make a change in the people’s mind to avoid wasting food. He described that failure makes us more intuitive and helps us understand how things have to be changed. He stated that a two year old kid’s question on “how would you prevent the wastage?” made them to come up with this idea of distributing excess food going useless from the functions to the needy. They ensure in providing the untouched food. So far they have filled the stomachs of 4. 5 lakh people with 2. 5 crore meal. Their idea is also adopted in other states and in Kerala it was launched by the Chief Minister itself to create awareness.

They have other startups namely:

Edudharma – it is a crowdfunding platform which helps the less privileged students to get sufficient funds for their education. They also ensure background checks and direct credit to college so that there is credibility and trust among the donors.

They have also initiated ‘toilet first’ and ‘waste management’ programs to make the society a cleaner and hygienic place to live in.

Their motive is to bring the food waste to zero and he tells the students a few key realities of life as follows:

  • Sustainability is essential
  • It is tough to get an investor and convince him
  • Reality is harsh

His speech motivated the students to take up such ventures which will impact the society.

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