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Pedagogy of Management Concepts through Fun Enhanced Learning

January 23, 2016 - 4:38
Pedagogy of Management Concepts through Fun Enhanced Learning

On January 23, 2016, a national workshop on ‘Pedagogy of Management Concepts through Fun Enhanced Learning’ was organized by the Department of Management and Commerce, School of Arts and Sciences, Mysyuru, to empower teachers with newer strategies and patterns in teaching and learning. The resource person was Dr. G. Shankar, Content Writer, Translator, Soft Skills Trainer, Editor and Public Speaker, who is currently working as an Associate Professor, VIT, Chennai.

Conceived with the goal of transforming every teacher into a smart teacher, the workshop was attended by 30 faculty members from Amrita Mysuru campus and more than 50 faculty members from other states and universities. Various activities including games and storytelling were performed to drive home management concepts like teamwork, creativity, innovation, perception, group dynamics, leadership styles, effective performance, change management, resistance to change, stress management, conflict management and emotional intelligence factors like self-awareness, empathy, motivation.

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