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Putting Pen to Paper to Improve Learning

October 29, 2010 - 3:52

October 29, 2010
Schools of Engineering, Bengaluru

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Amrita’s Bengaluru campus has recently had a new book published, titled Operations Research.

RavikumarAuthored by V. Ravi Kumar and R. Veerachamy, the book is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate business and engineering students and provides a lively applied presentation of analytical and empirical tools to aid managerial decision making.

“The book mainly discusses all commonly used operations research techniques in a wide spectrum of decision making environments,” described Kumar.

Written in an uncomplicated and straight-forward style, the book uses various pedagogical devices to help students quickly learn new concepts and improve retention.

Concepts are presented in the simplest terms; real-life examples complement theoretical explanations.

“Several examples are worked out in all chapters,” explained Kumar. “For example, in chapter five, we discussed the applications of linear programming in the field of transportation and the different ways to tackle transportation problems.”

Operation ResearchTransportation, assignment and trans-shipment form special cases of linear programming problems.

In addition, the book includes question papers of various Indian colleges; solutions to numerous problems are provided in each chapter to broaden student knowledge.

“The book will help students solve any type of complicated question in their university exam,” emphasized Kumar.

Another unique feature of the book is that prior to its publishing, all of its 1237 pages were completely handwritten!

”This book is very close to my heart as the co-author is my own father who helped me in finishing the book,” proudly shared Kumar.



V. Ravi Kumar currently serves as Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. His research interests include Tribology, Vibrations, Machine, Control Engineering.

R. Veerachamy, former Professor and Chairman, Department of Economics, Bangalore University, has 40 years of experience teaching quantitative techniques to management and economic students. Currently, he is Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, T. John Business School, Bangalore.

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