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Sony SSUP Team Visit

April 27, 2023 - 12:15
Sony SSUP Team Visit

An official visit was made by the Sony SSUP team on 13 March, 2023 in order to review the ongoing research projects sponsored by Sony. The four-member team was welcomed by the Additional Director- Placements and Internships, who then gave a brief introduction about the institution which was followed by an informative presentation made by the chairpersons of the department of CSE, ECE, and Mechanical Engineering. The brief presentation spotlighted the research activities of the respective departments. The team from Sony additionally pinpointed how Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham stands out among the other universities worldwide that have been enrolled under the SSUP program. They appreciated the University for gaining two sponsored projects while the rest have only been awarded one. The presentations and official talks were followed by the delegates visiting the “Polyhouse” and the “Cow-Kin” implementation area where they were highly impressed by the progress and outcomes of the same. The research team was appreciated for the long road they have come so far.

The AgroESP project is interdisciplinary between the School of Computing and School of Sciences, Coimbatore. Agro-ESP is an Edge driven Cyber-Physical System for Solar Polyhouse dryers for Agro-Products. It is a novel attempt at automating both the sensing and control of polyhouse solar dryer using a sensor edge framework in a distributed manner. It is a cost-effective and energy-efficient smart polyhouse solar drying CPS that augments existing polyhouse solar drying units with sensors and actuators to intelligently monitor the temperature, moisture, and other parameters within the unit and provide real-time alerts and control to improve the quality of processing (drying).

The Cow-Kin project led by Dr.Rammohan, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., for designing/fabricating “Cow-Collar wearable based on Spresense” and also the standalone camera for BCS monitoring and the associated data analytics.
The delegates parted with the hope oftightening the existing bond by more fruitful collaborations in the future, thereby establishing a long-sustaining relationship.

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