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UCSD Extension Programs​ 2018​ ​

August 11, 2017 - 4:53
UCSD Extension Programs​ 2018​ ​

Amrita Center for International Programs(ACIP) is happy to announce the UCSD Extension Programs​, ​Winter 2018.

About UC San Diego

UC San Diego is one of the top universities in the United States. It has been rated as the “hottest” university for science by Newsweek, it is fifth in the nation for federal research dollars, and it has six Nobel prize winners currently on faculty. UC SanDiego has welcomed thousands of international students. The University of California, San Diego is ranked 14th by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, and is ranked 20th by the Center for World University Rankings. U.S. News & World Report named UC San Diego the 18th best university in the world in 2014 for research, global and regional reputation, international collaboration and number of highly cited papers.

UC San Diego Extension

UC San Diego Extension is the professional education and public service division of UC San Diego. Taught by talented instructors, UC San Diego Extension’s courses offer the most advanced knowledge and education formats available.

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Wide Range of subjects are available: Visiting students may choose courses from one of the departments below such as Bio engineering, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science and Engineering, Economics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, Cognitive Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nano Engineering and many more . For more information about course selection, visit website


Program Dates Deadline
Winter January 4 – March 24 November 3, 2017
Spring  March 26 – June 15 February 09, 2018
*Summer June 18 – September 8 May 11, 2018
September 19 – December 15th, 2018​ July 27, 2018

(only UCSD Extension courses, not main campus courses, can be taken during the summer)

Application Fee $200 (nonrefundable)
FedEx fee $50 (optional, but recommended)
2018 Tuition $7,800
International Student Service Fee $350 per quarter
UCSD Extension medical insurance $585 per quarter
Books/Materials Approximately $200-$800 per quarter

(Payment CANNOT be made in advance. Books and materials must be purchased upon arrival at UC San Diego.)

Financial verification indicating proof of funds to cover full tuition, fees, and estimated living expenses ( $13,400 ) USD per quarter. U.S. law requires this funding proof on file in order to issue the Form I-20 for the student visa.

Courses are on a space-available basis and you may enroll up to 12 units (3 courses). This helps ensure a satisfying academic experience at UCSD. For a complete list of all UC San Diego courses please see below: “Full ​Schedule of Classes” section.

List of UC San Diego Extension course offerings

Deadline to apply to ACIP office: ​October 10, 2017​​

Please note the students have to apply through ACIP to be eligible for this program. Direct application is not valid.​

Please fill out the Google form for consideration

For further questions / to confirm your interest, please send resume and HOD email/phone (for reference) to:

Sujatha / Smitha / Reshmi AMRITA
Center for International Programs (ACIP)
Email: (link sends e-mail)

(Please use subject title: UCSD Extension – UPS Programs 2018)

Please send your CV/Resume to the e-mail address above.

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