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About 90 students from all Schools at the Amritapuri campus came together for a Youth Camp titled Sanjeevanam during July 20-21, 2013.

These students from the Schools of Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Biotechnology and Ayurveda, have played major roles in the activities of Amrita Sanjeevani, the student-run seva association on campus, during previous years.

One purpose of the camp was also to plan the activities for the upcoming year.

Inaugurating the camp, Sampoojya Swami Poornamritananda Puri, spoke to the students.

“There are three types of people in this world. They are like ice, water and vapour respectively. Those who are like ice cannot share love and they remain closed all the time. They are useless. Those who are like water; their love can flow only in a certain direction. They love their relatives and friends but they are selfish.”

“Then there are some people who are like vapour or air. These are the Mahatmas. They can shower love endlessly.”

“Everything becomes spiritual, if it is performed with love.”

Swamiji shared more insights with the students. He told them that when one’s desires are controlled, paradoxically all fortune and happiness come to that one.

“When we don’t want anything, all things will come to us,” he emphasized.

Exhorting students to carry out their dharma, he said, “It is our duty to protect nature, to take care of poor people and to give peace to those who are suffering. We have certain responsibilities to the universe. Giving love and getting love should be our goal.”

The student members of Sanjeevani listened in rapt attention. Coming together to visit orphanages and old age homes, organizing clean-up drives, spearheading ant-smoking and anti-liquor campaigns, the students have contributed their mite in the past.

“You can get maximum grace through selfless actions. Wherever you are working, if your action is selfless, there is definitely a reward,” Swamiji said.

Summing up, he finally stated, “Love makes everything beautiful. Invoke the divine love within you and enjoy each and every moment of your life. Your life can then become a celebration.”

Others who spoke included Campus Director, Br. Sudeep and Associate Dean, Dr. Balakrishnan Shankar.

“Amrita is not just about producing computer scientists, engineers, doctors and journalists but great human beings. That is why Sanjeevani is extremely important to Amrita,” stated Dr. Balakrishnan Shankar.

“Education for life is being achieved through Sanjeevani, In fact, Amrita Sanjeevani helps us accomplish an important part of the mission of our institution,” said Br. Sudeep, referring to education for both life and living (career or livelihood) emphasized in the mission statement.

Over the two days, students enjoyed participating in group activities, while planning for upcoming events and putting together a Camp TV show. They listened to invited talks, watched inspiring movies and participated in Amrita Yoga sessions.

Pray with your hearts and serve with your hands; the students reiterated their commitment to the Sanjeevani motto that has continued to inspire many, since the association’s inception in August 2005.

“The camp was nourishing. We interacted with each other and prepared ourselves to continue serving society,” stated Rohit Prakash, final-year student of BTech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

“The camp was well organised. I strongly believe that it made an impact on all of us. It will help us keep up the momentum and serve, stated Amrita, final-year student of BSc (Microbiology).

July 27, 2013
Amritapuri Campus

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