Nanosciences Admissions 2020


This is a two year course in Nanoscience and Technology with an application focusing on energy science such as Photovoltaics, Batteries, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen Storage and Carbon Capture. There are basic foundation courses in Physics and materials, followed by subject core courses dealing with nanotechnology specialization such as design of nanosystems, nanomaterials and their processing, properties and characterization, applications of nanomaterials to energy, etc.

Semester 1

Course Credits
Science and Properties of Nanomaterials 3
Introduction to Classical & Quantum Mechanics 3
Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures 3
Nanomaterials – Chemistry and Design 3
Introduction to Solid State Phenomena at Nanoscale 3
Research Methodology and Statistics 3
Lab-I: Nanomaterials 3
Cultural Education 1
Total 22

Semester 2

Course Credits
Characterization of Nanomaterials 3
Energy Conversion Science at Nanoscale 3
Thermodynamics and kinetics at Nanoscale 3
Thin Film Science and Technology 3
Nanophotonics 3
Energy Storage Science at Nanoscale 3
Lab-II: Nanomaterials 3
Lab-III: Optoelectronics 2
Technical Writing and Presentation 1
Total  24

Semester 3

Course Credits
Introduction to Nanofabrication 2
Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage and Carbon Capture 3
Dissertation 10
Total 15

Semester 4

Course Credits
Dissertation 12
Total 17

Total Credits : 73

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