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Chancellor’s Seed Grant for Research Initiation

To foster quality research, grants are provided by the Chancellor for research initiation. The fund is allocated based on the merit evaluation of the proposals submitted by individual schools, centers, and PIs.

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Research Onboarding Grant

Grants for new researchers and teams, facilitating a smooth transition into their roles and projects. These grants provide a financial cushion to enable a dedicated focus on advancing knowledge.

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Bridge Grant

Grants for new researchers and Ongoing projects facing temporary funding gaps and faculty who have depleted Research Initiation Grant funds. Recipients must demonstrate efforts to secure external funding and commit to repaying the grant upon success, as detailed in their application to the Provost’s Office.

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Chancellor’s Seed Grant for Research Infrastructure

The grant ensures our researchers have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to facilitate high-end scientific research. Faculty can conduct research in critical areas and use that research output to secure extramural grant support.

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Grants for Establishing New Centers

As an initiative to promote focused research in a particular theme the TAGs, Schools and Centers (IRC/MRC/TRC) are encouraged to apply for grants under this scheme.

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