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Basic design of UAE’s smart microgrid and the simulation analysis using PSCAD

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : 2013 IEEE Power Energy Society General Meeting

Source : 2013 IEEE Power Energy Society General Meeting, 2013

Keywords : Basic design, Batteries, battery energy storage system, Battery management systems, bio fuel, Birds, DC grid, Distributed Energy Resources, Distributed power generation, Energy storage, Generators, high efficiency DC power distribution system, hybrid power system, micro turbine, offshore island, power generation reliability, power system CAD, primal backup power source, PSCAD, PSCAD Simulation, renewable energy sources, Renewable generation, Renewable sources, Smart microgrid, Smart power grids, solar generation, wind generation

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electrical and Electronics

Verified : Yes

Year : 2013

Abstract : This paper covers the basic design and simulation study performed on the smart micro grid in UAE's offshore island called Al Futaisi island. The capacity of all distributed energy resources (DER) are selected based on the existing loads and forecasted demand. The solar and wind generation is considered as the primary power source to meet all the load demand in Al Futaisi island. The battery energy storage system (BESS) is considered as the primal backup power source during no power generation from renewable sources, which gives the uniqueness in the design of UAE's smart micro grid that can operate on 100% renewable energy. The micro turbine operated using bio fuel produced from Algae farm is also considered in the design. The demonstration of a high-efficiency DC power distribution system is also considered, which makes the micro grid as hybrid power system. The water demand is met by Reverse Osmosis sea-water desalination plant which will be located in the island. The basic design is verified by PSCAD/EMTDC simulation and the outcome of the simulation shows that such a renewable generation smart micro grid will be a reliable and robust for providing power to areas with limited power infrastructure.

Cite this Research Publication : M. ElMoursi, Dr. V. Ravikumar Pandi, Khadkikar, V., Lee, S. Hee, Lee, J. Hee, and Lee, S., “Basic design of UAE's smart microgrid and the simulation analysis using PSCAD”, in 2013 IEEE Power Energy Society General Meeting, 2013

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