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Multi-organ retrieval in donation after brain stem death

Authors : Dr. Kirun Gopal, Gopalakrishnan U, Mathew J, Rasheed R

Publisher :Amrita J Med

Cardiac tamponade as a presentation of COVID-19 after cardiac surgery

Authors : Dr. Kirun Gopal, Ahamed H, Jose R, Varma PK

Publisher :Indian J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg

Multiple mural endocarditis in the setting of COVID-19

Authors : Dr. Kirun Gopal, Mary A, Kulirankal KG

Publisher :Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging

A review on intrusion detection techniques and intrusion detection systems in MANETs

Authors : Dr Sreenivasa Chakravarthi, Suresh Veluru

Publisher :International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks

Enhancing Data Security on Fog Computing with Interfacing Technologies

Authors : Dr Sreenivasa Chakravarthi

Publisher :International Conference on Fog Computing and Internet of Things

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