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Survey on Queuing Models with Discouragement, Policies and Vacation

Authors : Dr . K . Sreekanth, Anjali, C, K

Publisher :International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research

Performance analysis of three stage tandem queues

Authors : Dr . K . Sreekanth, Kamlesh Kumar

Publisher :International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology

Surface Terminations and Surface Functionalization Strategies of MXenes

Authors : Dr.Rejithamol R., Dr. Santhy A, Lekshmi, A. G., Akhila Raman, Asok Aparna, and Appukuttan Saritha

Development of Dual N, S‐Heteroatom Doped Hollow Carbon Spheres as an Alternative Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Medium

Authors : Dr. Santhy A, Somasundharam, Hari Prasaad, VeluDuraisamy, Nirupama Manju, Sakkarapalayam Murugesan Senthil Kumar

Computer-Aided Crop Yield Forecasting Techniques – Systematic Review Highlighting the Application of AI

Authors : Dr. Raji P., Thendiyath Roshni, Byju Gangadharan & Govindan Kutty

Publisher :Environmental Modeling & Assessment

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