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Allotropes of Needs Analysis-The élan Vital of English for Specific Purposes

Authors : Dr. Kalluri Ram Chandra

Publisher :International Journal of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Research

Cyberbullying- A Threat to Children and their Psycho-social ambience

Authors : Dr. Kalluri Ram Chandra, Dr. R. Chithra, Dr. Shakila Azim, Dr. T. Thirumurugan, K. Vijaya, Dr. Arokia Paul Rajan R.

Publisher :Psychology and Education Journal

Cyber Security and its continuous increase of Digital Transactions in COVID era

Authors : Dr. Kalluri Ram Chandra, Dr. Madhu Singh, Dr. M. Padmaja, Dr. I. D. Soubache, Dr. K.Sreelatha, Dr. V. Nagalakshmi

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